Based in S.Korea,
we are a consortium of some of the most established media and coding education companies within the country.
Our goal here at GTC is to allow students from all over the world to participate in an open competition for software inventions.
Due to the surge in interest in coding education, we believe giving opportunities to students
and parents to prove their skills in creativity and programming is in high demand.
Our goal is not to decide on winners and losers, but to find as many talents on wide range of skills
and qualities and help further their academics and career.

Why become a partner

We are partnering with education companies worldwide to join our group.
By providing opportunities for students to participate in a global competition, it strengthens the relationships
between our partnering companies and their students and parents.
Each partner will also gain revenue from participation fees from each student (TBD).
Starting with S.Korea and the UK, we hope to expand to other countries including the US, China, Europe and many others.

How the competition works


Competition will be run every quarter each year. Partners of each country can decide whether to join each competition.
GTC will let partners know in advance when and to communicate with parents and students for each event.
Each event will be a national competition followed by an international competition.


The competition starts by each partner communicating with existing
and potential parents and students to join them to participate.


Students submit the following: executable file(including Scratch, AppInventor and other block based languages),
and document(s) with description of the project.


Work and submission is done online. Rewards are given at designated locations decided
by each partner for both national and international events.


Panels for evaluating and judging students’ work will be elected by each partner.
National event will be decided by voting of partners of each country,
and international event will be a voting of all partners of all countries.
Number of panels from each country for international events will be decided based on number of
students participating from the country and the total number of participating students.

Roles and Responsibilities

GTC is responsible for establishing and managing basic rules on how students submit their work
and how panels evaluate submitted work. GTC will also provide basic guidance on how to communicate to parents and students.
However, representatives (partners) of each country will autonomously evaluate students’ work and thereby decide on winners of the
national competition. As for international competition, panels from participating countries will take part in voting for students’ work.
Details of such work will be provided through a guidance document.
GTC will also work to obtain sponsorships from participating countries.